Visual Analyzer™ v1.0 ~ Feature list v1.0

The main target of Visual Analyzer™ is to learn and study your users mouse movements and events, so you can analyze your ad campaigns, web designs, and banners effectiveness. Here are the main features listed:

Record users mouse movement and mouse clicks/events

Visual Analyzer™ records all the movements and actions of a visitor of your site to your database.

Playback users mouse movement and mouse clicks

With our easy-to-use admin panel, you can easily play back all of a users mouse movements and actions.

Easy creating of campaigns

Just add a little bit of code to every page you want to track, or use our fully automated campaign creator.

Following a user through your site

You can create a campaign for every page on your site, and then view a user from his first page, to his last page. This way you have an overview of how he looks at pages.

Only playback users with a specific browser or resolution

Maybe there’s a difference in the way your ads are viewed and clicked in a different resolution?

Analyze viewers interests on the information you provide.

View the text highlighted and saved by the viewer to see what information your viewer is using from your site or copying.

Checking out what country a user is from

For example, Chinese people normally read from right to left, bottom to top, so you can check out if that affects your ad placement.

Drawing all sessions as lines on a page

This feature will really help you a lot to analyze your whole page. It can draw all the users movements on one page, as lines. This way you can see what parts of a page are viewed a lot, and what pages are barely viewed. View each event shown within the line drawing.

Lookup a previously viewed user

Each user has an unique IP number, and if you find an interesting person you would like to re-analyzer later, or check out later if he has visited your site more and if the new layout/ad position has changed his behavior, you can go to his page again just by typing in his number.

Ordering by country, by ip, by browser, time stamp, or by resolution

You can easily order the list of sessions for a campaign, by almost every field recorded!

Easy setup

With an included installation file for easy installation.

Visual Analyzer™ increases business productivity and enrich personal computing by helping users to communicate, teach, demonstrate, observe, and analyze users visually, rather than through statistics alone.



* Zend Optimizer installed
* 1ghz CPU
* 256 MB Ram
* For recording one million sessions, 1 gigabyte harddisk space



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