Visual Analyzer™ v1.0

Lets you see more...

Introducing the Visual Analyzer™, the one and only tool to really analyze your ad campaigns! Are you tired of watching those stats that only tell you the % of clickthroughs, but does NOT tell you why?

Visual Analyzer™ shows you the exact mouse movement of your user, so you can see WHY people are not clicking your ads, and where you should place them!

You can see every move of the user on your site, from beginning to end, and analyze your users visually... rather than through statistics alone!

Are you seeing all you should see in your websites users actions?

A webmaster: it'd be something to open the minds of the webmasters .. it's something people have always needed to use.... I'd have to say now that almost everything i've ever been told/heard won't be *proven* until we see it through a program like this .. this is the ultimate evidence of how and where to put your selling points!

The advantages summed up:

  • Visually track the path of your site visitors!
  • Userfriendly path analysis - WYSIWYG!
  • Record their path and play it back for detailed analysis!
  • What links and banners are effective? - SEE it!
  • Which are the most used click hubs in your site? - SEE it!
  • Filter functions for all included statistics!
  • Visually track the filtered user groups!
  • See and record the exact mouse action of every single visitor!
  • No difficult setup!
  • Use visual recording by script: requiring far less server space than any video tool!
  • Optionally you can plot down lines to visually enhance the path analysis.
  • Clicks are shown as graphical symbols.
  • Track several projects at once with our easy to use campaign manager.

It's as easy as reading a road map - hassle-free analysis straight from your screen!

It's difficult for many webmasters and site developers to recognize every problem or inefficiency within the model or design of a website from statistics alone.

That's where Visual Analyzer™ comes in. It goes beyond mere website statistics, providing you a visual tool for all types of website analysis, visualization and marketing improvement techniques. Can your visitors find what they need and what you want them to find? Visual Analyzer™ path reports will help you to see whether your visitors are having an easy time navigating your site and what catches their eye!

Visual Analyzer™ lets you see what you've been unable to display and document in the past.

A dynamic and flexible system which enables you to learn the program quickly and to move easily into learning your surfer’s habits. We have designed our Visual Analyzer™ as learning tool with one goal in mind — to help you discover and analyze your website users actions. This is the best advertising and marketing tool to help you understand via interactive visual techniques and providing the information from multiple views and levels.

Visual Analyzer™ can help you make design decisions that add to the experience of the visitor and make your site easier for him or her to use.

This is important because each visitor to your site is a potential customer and the more they enjoy their visit to your site and you understand what they are doing there the more likely they are to buy from it. Visual Analyzer™ offers real time web site statistics and tracking service for analyzing user events on your website. Remotely track the performance of your site to see what it is your users want and need!

Visual Analyzer™ will provide web site owners and marketers with the information they need to optimize their users' experience and generate a higher return-on-investment from their websites design and advertisement placement.

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